Мастер-класс Редакция фото украшений в Paint.NET

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Key Details of Paint.NET

  • Master the subtleties of image and photo editing with a vast array of sophisticated yet powerful tools
  • Last updated on 08/07/20
  • There have been 3 updates within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal

Editors’ Review

Paint.NET is a full-featured image editing program that gives you tons of tools to work with through an intuitive and streamlined interface. Whether you just want to touch-up your photos before you share them with friends or you need high-quality images for another type of project, this program will get you where you need to go.

Nice interface: This app presents all of the tools you need to create beautiful images in a clean and accessible way. Many of these are arrayed around the main working window, while others are contained within their own windows, which you can reposition anywhere on the screen to clear the space you want to work in.

Lots of tools: Whether your project involves adding layers, introducing text, or using filters and effects to get the look you’re going for, you’ll find what you need in this program. There are more options in all of these categories than you’ll probably ever use, giving you the ability to create just about anything you could imagine.

No extremes: This program is a good option for intermediate users. It isn’t quite accessible enough to make it the right choice for users who have no experience with photo editing programs, and it doesn’t offer all of the advanced features that experienced users will be looking for.

Layers for text: While this app does let you introduce text into your images, you have to create it in a separate layer if you want to be able to move it around or experiment with it as you work. This may not be a huge inconvenience, but it does add an extra step to a lot of projects.

Что такое слои и как с ними работать Paint NET Паинт нет для чайников

Paint.Net Review

VERDICT: Paint.NET is a very popular photo editor for Windows users. The program is easy to learn, have many useful photo correction functions that raise your photos without losing its quality. The desktop software offers a customizable interface and editable layers, which allow you to perform multi-level image editing.

Фотошоп для маленьких — Paint.net

This image editor will not give you the opportunities to make creative photo manipulations or deep skin retouching as Photoshop does, but you may easily edit photos to make them look great and without visible imperfections.

Создаем вырез с помощью эффекта Вмятины в Paint.net

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Many useful functions and effects
  • Many plug-ins
  • Clear and well-ordered user interface
  • Online consulting and “how-to” tutorials
  • Different formats for saving images after image editing
  • Limited brush work
  • No Burn and Dodge
  • No text correction after applying other effects

Having compared all apps that state themselves as the best free photo editor, Paint.NET is like a free GIMP alternative. The software doesn’t really have many flaws, but since it lacks a layer mask, custom brushes and some more advanced tools, Paint.NET isn’t suitable for professional retouchers and photographers.

PaintNet Review

Paint.NET started to work as a student’s project, the alternative to Microsoft Paint. Now, this program is a very competitive online photo editor and, most importantly, very multifunctional and useful. It is easy to use and can solve non-standard photo editing tasks.

Paint.net is a free program for editing raster graphics files for Microsoft Windows, developed on the. NET Framework.

Customizable Interface

Paint.NET’s user interface is simple, has many convenient functions that do not overload the computer. I find it the main advantage of this photo editor. Even beginners can quickly learn and use Paint.NET tools. Paint.NET supports hotkeys function. Sometimes this is very important especially if you are not an experienced used and need much time to get used to it.

Acceptable Toolkit for the Pixel Editor

Paint.NET is a pixel photo editor that is able not only to improve the quality of the photo but also give original and creative changes to the picture.

Note that when you select a tool at Paint. Net software on the left vertical toolbar, a set of additional settings changes too. If you select something, then on the upper toolbar you can choose the mode for multiple selecting: Combine / Intersect / Subtract / Invert.

The Gradient tool is easy and pleasant to use by dragging one or both of the two gripping handles that are called nubs. Visual changes in the size of the brush and its hardness are almost invisible. It is the drawback of the Paintbrush tool.

Simple Basic Editing

Now photographers use Paint.NET as a photo graphic editor. Although initially it was designed as an easy program for drawing.

All image editing functions are available in the Adjustments menu, including tools of Hue / Saturation and Curves. These tools are usually used by professional photographers and photo retouchers. In this program, you can overlay layers, mix them, for this you need to choose a «Layers» palette tool. You can return to any stage of photo editing.

This advantage will be understood by those who faced such a problem: you edit the image, you do it for a long time, you know that it turns not so good, you want to go back, cancel the last actions and do not reach the right moment — the program keeps a limited number of steps in memory.

Paint.NET photo editing review shows that you will not face this kind of problem.

Layered Editing With Layers

The structure of the layers is displayed in the usual lower right corner as in Photoshop. You can create a new layer, move them around each other, merge layers, change their opacity, rotate and move. For convenience, the functions for working with layers are available both in the Layers panel and in the Layers menu.

Although Paint. NET does not include layer effects, «Effects» menu has some significant options, such as Bevel and Emboss. The program does not support the CMYK color space, offering RGB and HSV.

Art Effects

The set of functions in the «Effects» menu is large enough to make basic photo editing. You can play with sharpness, vignetting, glow and others. You can blur the photos, use artistic effects to give a photograph a view of being painted in oil, pencil or ink. You can add noise and fractal effects.

Third-Party Plugins

Anybody can design additional modules that expand the standard photo editing in Paint.NET and offer them to the creators. Paint.NET plugins are the files with the .dll extension and, as a rule, always packed into the archive.

The reason for this is simple since the library files are system files so when booting from the Internet DLL file in «natural» form, Windows can block it for security reasons.

After unpacking, the plugin file must be copied to the Effects folder located at:

  • C: \ Program Files \ paint.net \ Effects

It completes the installation of the plug-ins. To enable it, you need to restart Paint.NET. As a result, the list of effects will be replenished. The new effect will be located either in its corresponding category functions or in the specially created folder.

Weak Export Opportunities

Paint. NET has its format, it is .pdn. The significant advantage is that the program can save files in other formats, for example, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG too. And that’s all! You cannot save files in RAW format for further editing, or configure EXIF.


Paint.net is a free application, which in turn offers quite a few functions for image editing. If we review Paint.NET and compare with one of the best free photo editors — GIMP, the program takes the third place, referring to a lot of resources, and Paint.net — the eighth.

Similar Products

PaintNET vs GIMP Review

Both programs are free and competitive alternatives to the top-end photo editing segment, namely Photoshop. I would like to review several their main differences such as: Functionality, Interface, and GIMP as an open-source software.

The functionality of the graphics editor GIMP can be compared with Photoshop. There are all kinds of image editing tools, plug-ins, and tools. GIMP gives you most of the functions of Adobe Photoshop, completely free.


A significant plus is the opening of almost any file, whether it’s RAW or a PSD document. The GIMP comes with the necessary features that can be expanded as needed through plug-ins and extensions. How hard the developers tried and supplemented the photo editor with each update, for now it’s unfinished.

Having used GIMP, I noticed that for me, there are not enough specific functions, filters like Photoshop offers. I know they can be downloaded separately, but it is a waste of time to search and install.

Paint.NET has fewer functions, but still, this product can be of high quality in skillful hands. But, despite its shortcomings, the photo editor is more preferable and convenient for not complicated image editing tasks. The Paint.NET photo editor features are red-eye removal, blurring, stylization, sharpening, adding a glow effect, various types of distortion, noise reduction, etc. Also, the image editor has the perfect 3D effect. The program has excellent options for drawing figures. However, not everything is so good, as it seems at first glance. The insufficient number of functions for professional graphics editing affects the choice of programs, lack of tools like Photoshop’s Dodge and Burn, limited options for brushing. The text is not editable after the application.

The interface of these programs is something new, simple, and very discreet, but at the same time understandable. Paint.NET software uses a tabbed interface to work with a few images. Instead of textual information, they display interactive thumbnails of images. The navigation is fast and straightforward. As a rule, only expensive or very complicated professional programs allow you to work with layers of pictures.

Paint.NET offers it for free and in a form that does not complicate their perception. The difference between the programs is that GIMP has an approximate but straightforward Photoshop’s interface, and Paint.NET, in its turn, made it very simple for those who didn’t work with Photoshop and Lightroom at all. It is an advantage because the interface will not distract you and let you waste much time of studying all buttons.


Remember to check out these quality plug-ins in the form of brushes and overlays. They will significantly reduce photo post-processing time.

Редакция фото украшений в Paint.NET

Здравствуйте! Небольшой мастер-класс о том, как редактировать фото в программке paint.NET. Эта программа обычно стоит на всех версиях Windows начиная от последней версии XP. У кого такой программки нет, а она нужна, ее можно легко скачать в интернете. Программа бесплатная, свободно распространяется в сети.
Начнем! Для начала фотографируем наше украшение. У меня фотоаппарат древний, одна из первых цифровых мыльниц. Поэтому фото украшений я делаю на белом фоне: либо на белом пластиковом подоконнике, либо на белом листе, который размещаю на хорошо освещенном месте. Затем ставлю функцию макросъемки и убираю автовспышку (в вашем фотоаппарате эти функции 100% есть). Делаю несколько снимков с разного ракурса, с одного ракурса. Скидываю на компьютер и выбираю самые лучшие фотографии, удаляю размытые, неудачные и т.д. Кстати, мастер-класс ориентирован для фото на белом.
Теперь находим на рабочем столе или в меню все программы программу paint.NET. И так находим нужный ярлык(выделяю его красным):

Изменение надписи на фото в paint.net

Затем открываем программу, и видим такую картинку:

Если окно палитры или слоев отсутствует, можно зайти в меню окно и поставить галочку на необходимом для вас. Там еще есть окно истории и еще много всего. Полезной будет кнопка отмены и возврата действий (стрелочки на верхней панели). Чтобы открыть фото в этом редакторе, нажимает файл-открыть и дальше в се как в обычном меню:

Как мы видим, фото неважное — темное, серое и т.д. Поэтому в меню коррекция на верхней панели выбираем кривые.:

Появляется окно, можно выбрать яркость и RGB (баланс цветов):

Будем работать с RGB. Выбираем его в меню, появляется линейная с кружочком в центре, тянем за кружочек, изображение чудесным образом меняется. Кружочек можно двигать вверх вниз, влево в право, главное не переборщить и остановится на той яркости и балансе, который соответствует реальности:

Если мы довольны результатом, нажимаем Ок.
Далее, если слишком много фона, и мы хотим его убрать, в окне инструменты (слева) выбираем выделить прямоугольную область. Мышью выделяем нужную область фото, а затем на верхней панеле нажимаем кнопочкуобрезать по выделению (при наведении на любую кнопку или инструмент, появляется окно с названием этого инструмента/функции):

Ниже фото в обрезанном виде. Если цвет слишком тусклый или яркий, это можно исправить. Выбираем коррекция-оттенок и насыщенность. Как видите в меню коррекция есть еще много разных интересных функций, можно отрегулировать контраст, сделать фото черно-белым и т.д. Но это примитивный графический редактор, поэтому эффект будет не на самом высшем уровне, фотошоп конечно лучше.

Появляется окно со шкалами: насыщенность, оттенок, осветленность. . Двигая указатель по шкалам, достигаем нужного результата, главное не переборщить:

Можно побаловаться с оттенком :

Теперь надпись. для этого в окне инструменты выбираем текст. Под верхней панелью появляется еще одна панель с функциями для текста: шрифт, размер, положение, заливка:

Выбираем нужный шрифт, размер, заливку. Цвет надписи можно выбрать в окне палитра:

Выбираем на свой вкус подходящий дизайн надписи. Надпись можно двигать, перемещать в любом направлении:

Когда все вас устраивает, можно сохранить изображение. В этом редакторе можно работать со слоями, в этом случае при сохранении изображения нужно выбрать расширение jpg, т.к. для этого редактора автоматически сохраняется расширение png, либо выполнить сведение слоев в меню слои. Здесь можно также менять размер изображения, его параметры и т.д. В общем в итоге у нас должна получится такая фотография:

Надеюсь, кому-нибудь мастер-класс пригодиться. Спасибо за внимание!

10 Best Paint.NET Alternatives

Looking for Paint.NET alternative programs because are not satisfied with its functionality for photo editing? This list of paid and free programs similar to Paint.NET will be useful for artists, graphic designers or image retouchers.

Top 10 PaintNET Alternatives

Paint.NET is one of the leaders in the sphere of graphics design for Windows. However, there are numerous qualitative programs that might be helpful in image editing, creation of logos, icons and layouts.

Top 3 Paint.NET Alternatives

  • Professional’s choice: Adobe Photoshop
  • The best free software: Krita
  • Perfect for beginners: GIMP

Also Reviewed:

  • Good for graphic designers: CorelDraw
  • Open source: Darktable
  • Online editor: Photopea
  • Perfect for Mac users: Pixelmator
  • Good for digital painters: MyPaint
  • Perfect image manipulation tools: PhotoFlare
  • For high-quality vector graphics: Gravit Designer

Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PC compatible with Windows. It has an intuitive UI that supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and other useful tools. Thanks to the active online community, you will always get pieces of advice, recommendations, plugins and tutorials.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the best Paint.NET alternative suitable for professional designers, shooters, and artists. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud service that will help you easily design a website, mobile app, poster, banners and icons.

It offers convenient templates and intuitive tools that will enhance your productivity. Moreover, you may improve your images using professional photography tools.

  • Numerous design tools
  • Multi-functional software
  • Social media platforms
  • Increases resolution
  • Weak vector support

Main Adobe Photoshop Features:

  • Stroke smoothing
  • Color and luminance range masking
  • Access to Lightroom photos
  • Quick sharing options
  • Fast share menu
  • Variable fonts

Moreover, this Paint.NET alternative is a great tool to improve paintings, illustrations and 3D works. Original patterns, effects and professional brushes enable users to create and customize digital artworks.

What is more, Photoshop CC may boast of such unique tools as brush management, brush smoke smoothing, Lightroom photo access, curvature pen tool, paint symmetry, color and luminance masking controls, group layer arranging, quick share menu, variable fonts, etc.

2. Krita

Krita is a cross-platform Paint NET alternative that works smoothly on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is a free application that may decently compete with many paid programs.

However, if you like Krita and think that it needs your support, you may donate to the developers and make the tool better.

Paint.net. Урок 3 — Как изменить размер изображения

The program offers various brush presets that add different effects. Moreover, you may change the brush settings using the toolbar controls in order to satisfy your requirements. You may also change color, size, opacity and blending mode.

  • Animation effects
  • Layer styles
  • Real masks and filter masks
  • Easy-to-import resources
  • Not the best for pixel art

Paint.net. Урок 1 — Как вырезать объект из фото или картинки

Main Krita Features:

  • HDR support
  • Color palette
  • Transform tools
  • Mirroring tools
  • Brush engines/types
  • Layer management

Krita provides numerous filters that may be applied to layers and images. With these filters, you will improve brightness, contrast, saturation, levels, HSV, adjust blurs, apply artistic features, detect edges, etc.

Krita may save your works as a PSD. Speaking of Krita files, they are hardly compatible with any other programs except Krita. Whereas, Ps files are smoothly opened in Unity.


GIMP is an open-source image editing program. Although it is a free Paint NET alternative, it boasts advanced features and tools.

In addition, you may create images using a blank template. It provides such basic features as color adjustment, gradients, noise reduction, cropping, customizable brushes, and even automatic tools for image enhancements.

  • Numerous options
  • Intuitive UI
  • Good use of layering
  • Impressive image editing features
  • Limited options for 3D designs

Main GIMP Features:

  • Bezier curves
  • Noise reduction
  • Graphic design elements
  • Customizable interface
  • Automatic image enhancement
  • Customizable brushes

Although the software is completely free, even professionals claim that its features are quite advanced. Moreover, this Paint.NET alternative offers such tools as layer masks and filters. You may also use an animation package.

Thanks to the open-source nature of the software, it supports downloadable and pre-installed plug-ins. In general, many experts believe that it is one of the best free image editing applications on the net.

Как вырезать объект из фотографии или картинки в Paint.Net

Speaking of the interface, it looks standard and user-friendly. In general, it resembles most image editing programs. But still, there are some essential differences contributing to better performance.

4. CorelDraw

CorelDraw is one of the first image editing programs that appeared on the market. Although it is an old program, it still occupies the leading positions in the sphere of graphic design.

This Paint NET alternative was developed by the Canadian Company ‒ Corel Corporation. It is a decent tool to create impressive pics, graphics, designs, and websites featuring advanced tools and options.

For today, the application is fully prepared to satisfy the requirements of modern photographers and graphic designers.

  • Simple curve management
  • High-quality bitmap image editing
  • Automatic tracing
  • Really nice mockups
  • Vector editing is complicated

Main CorelDraw Features:

  • LiveSketch tool
  • Improved vector previews
  • Prominent interactive sliders
  • Custom node shapes
  • Touch-friendly GU interface
  • Import legacy workspaces

CoralDraw is a great tool showing decent performance in creating vector illustrations, designing layouts and editing or retouching photos. Commercial companies, as well as individual professionals, actively use it in their workflow.

Как редактировать картинки и фото. Программа paint.net.

It provides convenient options for team collaboration so all people engaged may easily use it to complete projects faster. Although the program is focused on the creative improvement of the images, the developers equipped it with all the necessary tools to satisfy the specific needs of organizations and individual graphic designers.

5. Darktable

Darktable is a free open-source image editing program and raw developer. Unlike Paint.NET, it is not a raster graphics editor.

It unites tools focused on non-destructive raw photo post-production. In general, it is used by shooters to improve large numbers of photographs.

  • Fast and flexible
  • Numerous features
  • Good batch editing capabilities
  • Supports tethered capture
  • Can be overwhelming

Main Darktable Features:

  • The whole extent of color management
  • Entirely modular architecture
  • Translated into 19 languages
  • Allows shooting through the connected camera
  • Carries out the search for similar photos
  • Export to Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook

Like several other RAW-specific programs, this Paint.Net alternative operates on the principle of non-destructive editing. Any changes that you make are visible in real-time but laid over the original, the raster data of which is kept clear until you launch the rendering when exporting your perfectly finished outcome.

In the software, you will find ICC profiles and GPU acceleration, plus provided support for any known format.

It is possible to import a wide range of RAW formats, JPEG, HDR, or PFM from a file carrier of any kind and then export to a variety of destinations starting from other carriers finishing with several applications like Picasa Web Albums.

You can also email the results in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, PPM, PFM, and EXR. If you get a special plug-in, you can output directly to Wikimedia Commons.

6. Photopea

The powerful programs require a one-time or recurrent payment that can become rather hefty with the increase of the toolkit. The developers of this Paint Net alternative have gone against the flow and made their product free to use.

It is truly a unique option as it doesn’t even require any downloading, just loading a page in the browser. They kept the interface recognizable to users of Photoshop and everything that was copied from it. Some claim that this is an unfair tactic and opt for Adobe product in Photopea vs Photoshop stand-off.

Paint.NET (Software). Лучшая БЕСПЛАТНАЯ программа для редактирования фото. Устанавливаем плагины.

  • Unrestricted free access
  • Broad feature set
  • No downloading required
  • Supported by numerous browsers
  • Risk of unstable performance

Main Photopea Features:

  • Smart objects
  • Free transform
  • Advanced selecting
  • Recognizes PSD extension
  • Lack of special hardware

Due to its mode of work you are relieved from the need to update hardware or software and even switching to a particular OS. It has a large database of formats so that you are free to start image editing right away.

7. Pixelmator

This pixel art software is specifically designed for Apple users and can do plenty of convenient and advanced things. For instance, it can analyze and tag your images with regard to what’s depicted on them.

Naturally, you will find some photo editing tools here, such as brushes, effects, or color presets.

  • Incredible options
  • Simple to use
  • Quick PNG generation
  • Automated modification of edits
  • Doesn’t support GIFs

Main Pixelmator Features:

Paint.Net — редактирование изображений

  • Layer styles
  • Dynamic paint blending
  • Instruments for drawing
  • Quick selection tool
  • Color filters
  • Preset aspect ratios

Some programs like Paint.Net can have astonishing additional functionality and here you will see a content-aware filler that can cover the blank spaces by using the pixels around them. This alternative is generally responsive and all the work can be done quickly and smoothly owing to the performance-enhancing mechanisms of Apple.

8. MyPaint

If you are searching for the program with the manual drawing abilities, then take a closer look at this option. You will rejoice at the number of brushes that have interesting realistic textures like that of charcoal.

The most striking is the brush engine that supports such a level of personalization that you can create quite individual brushes for your digital art.

On top of that, you get to work with layers, have a history of actions that can be canceled, can make use of an improved color selector, etc.

  • Supported by most platforms
  • Broadest possibilities of brush creation
  • Collaborates with sensor graphic tablets
  • Unlimited canvas
  • Lacks some useful tools

Как просто удалить объект на фото в paint.net

Main MyPaint Features:

  • Work with layers
  • Clean interface
  • Gamut masking color wheel
  • Symmetry modes
  • Python 3 support
  • Automated bug reporting

If configuring a brush is not your interest, you can make use of the official website where some collections can be downloaded to increase your selection.

The only inconvenience you might experience is the infrequency of updates. The developmental process is slow and many users complain about very rare updates.

9. PhotoFlare

This cross-platform program allows rearranging the workspace and is simple in operation.

There is the pointer for object selections and the Magic Wand for automating that process, instruments for lining, filling, spraying, cloning, blurring, smudging, plus two different brushes.

  • User friendly
  • Cross-platform
  • RAW support
  • Super agile
  • Some features are too slow

Main PhotoFlare Features:

  • All basic photo editing features
  • Paint brushes
  • Image filters
  • Color correction options
  • Shape-drawing instruments
  • Several selection tools

The top toolbar allows users to configure such values as the brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, hue, plus the dimensions and orientation of the canvas.

Paint. NET паинт нет для чайников Инструмент замена цвета как пользоваться

In addition, you can overlay text, convert the image into monochrome or use the alternative filters, make the image sharper or softer, lower the level of noise.

10. Gravit Designer

If you are searching for Paint.Net alternative to do vector graphics, here is one concentrated on this sphere. The program is fit for doing a variety of digital designs starting from entire applications and finishing with small items like icons or prints.

You have the flexibility of installing it or accessing the instruments through the browser, both being available on any existing OS.

  • Gradual learning curve
  • Cross-platform
  • Modern UI
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Quite basic
  • Muddling bugs

Main Gravit Designer Features:

Графический редактор Paint.NET. Макияж лица.wmv

  • Pen shapes
  • Work with presentation/slides
  • SVG editing instrument
  • Frame text overlays
  • Auto-layouts
  • Path graphs

The toolkit can’t be called absolutely intuitive and you won’t have a wizard to guide your first steps but even some menial knowledge will help you manage. This program can quite satisfy professionals in several spheres of digital design who would naturally need advanced tools at their hands.

The program can be flexible and you should look into all developer options to make sure you are provided with enough instruments when you decide to invest money.

Простой способ редактирования фотографий в Paint-net

В этой заметке я решила показать, как я редактирую фотографии в Paint-net. Эту программу можно бесплатно скачать в интернете, спокойно установить на своем компьютере. Она простая и удобная. И начать в работу в ней может даже тот, кто с компьютером на «Вы». В отличии от фотошопа, эта программа намного проще. Но и функционал сильно меньше.
Не претендую на истину в последней инстанции (тухлые яйца и помидоры можно покидать в другом месте 🙂 ), просто делюсь тем, как обрабатываю фотографии сама (когда это делаю сама и сделать нужно быстро). А, так как нелицензионные программы на рабочий компьютер ставить нельзя, поэтому началась моя дружба с Paint-net.

Чтобы начать работу, нужно скачать программу. Открываем гугл, вводим — скачать программу Paint-net , скачиваем, устанавливаем и ищем фото для обработки.

Картинка темновата, надо бы ее осветлить чуток. Выбираем в верхней части кнопку Коррекция, далее из выпадающего меню выбираем — Уровни:

Вылезает окошко с бегунками, утаскиваем его в сторону от рисунка и немного двигаем бегунки.

Улучшаем качество фотографии в Paint.net

Наблюдаем, как картинка становится светлее и веселее. До абсурда доводить не нужно, избегаем полного высветления на участках. Когда результат нравится — нажимаем «ОК», если нет — «Отмена».

Далее, можно попробовать поиграть с кнопкой: Яркость-Контрастность. Она находится там же, где и уровни (Коррекция — Яркость-Контрастность).

Как поменять фон на Вашем фото,с помощью программы Paint.net

Иногда нужно больше двигать бегунок в Контрастности, иногда — в Яркости. Соблюдаем разумный баланс, чтобы изображение не изменилось до неузнаваемости. Основная задача — чуть улучшить фото, а не изменить до безобразия. Если результат нравится — нажимаем «ОК» и идем дальше.

Иногда, встречается такая проблема — пятнышко, ворсинка, ненужная тень и прочая досадная мелочь. Как их можно убрать с фото?

Paint.net. Урок 34 — Эффект сглаживания края изображения

Для этого нам потребуется увеличить фрагмент для редактирования. Кнопка масштаб находится в самом низу (две лупы — с «+» и «-» (самая нижняя строчка в окошке).
Чтобы не потерять нужный фрагмент изображения, можно использовать инструмент «Рука» (кнопочка с ладошкой). Чуть увеличили изображение, «Рукой» тащим нужный фрагмент в центр окошка (при необходимости процедуру можно повторять нужное количество раз).

Получаем шикарный холст для работы. Далее хватаем «Клонирующую кисть» (кнопка в виде штампика):


Затем нажимаем на клавиатуре кнопочку «Сtrl» и щелкаем в месте, которое служит образцом (оно чистое и без пятнышка, но очень близко рядом с тем местом, где нужно сделать коррекцию, иначе цвета не совпадут и будет такая мазня некрасивая, что лучше бы вообще не трогали). Второй раз щелкаем в том месте, которое надо исправить. И начинаем аккуратно вычищать нужную область (лучше править небольшое пятнышко, если тени и пятна большие — лучше сделать новое фото, чем долго-долго нервно щелкать мышкой и сидеть с красными выпученными глазками):

В верхнем красном кружке выделила размер клонирующей кисти. Чем он меньше — тем ювелирнее и незаметнее работа. У меня после правки получилось картинка «Найди отличия» (кто нашел, тот молодец):

Данный инструмент призван помогать в том случае, если на фото получилась досадная мелкая помеха, но ни в коем случае не для обмана заказчика (ибо бумеранг может прилететь вместе с изделием обратно). А вот поправить неудачное фото — это не преступление. Запоминаем эту разницу.

И напоследок, можно подписать свою работу (если нет возможности поставить водяной знак или какая-то другая причина).

Вставляем фотографию в рамку в Paint.net

Для этого выбираем инструмент «Текст» (выделила двумя кружочками основные настройки и саму кнопку).

Шрифт лучше выбрать более-менее читаемый и красивый. Благо шрифтов более, чем достаточно. Размер шрифта можно корректировать ручками, для этого в поле размер вводим размер цифрами и нажимаем кнопку «Enter»:

Надпись можно таскать мышкой и пристраивать в нужный уголок (внизу картинки видно маркер, вот его то и хватаем мышкой и таскаем куда нам надо).

Собственно, этих действий вполне достаточно, чтобы сделать фото чуть лучше. При частом повторении навык доводится до автоматизма и картинки подправляются быстрее.

Оставшиеся кнопки можно осваивать методом «научного тыка», я же показала те кнопки, которыми пользуюсь чаще всего.

Спасибо за внимание, надеюсь, статья была вам полезна, если понравилось ставье «лайк» (мне будет приятно, что мой труд был оценен), если есть пожелания — пишите в комментарии.

Еще раз повторю, статья больше ориентированна на новичков, а не на гуру фотошопа. Фотошоп программа замечательная, но на ее изучение требуется время, и хорошо, если оно есть. Данная же статья поможет исправить незначительные помехи на фотографии быстро и просто.

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